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Baby Feeds Constantly

baby feeds constantly

baby feeds constantly - Hirt's Goldfish

Hirt's Goldfish Plant - Nematanthus glabra - 4" Pot - Blooms Constantly!

Hirt's Goldfish Plant - Nematanthus glabra - 4" Pot - Blooms Constantly!

Goldfish Plant (Nematanthus glabra)
Native to tropical America, the goldfish plant belongs to the same family as African violets and gloxinias. The flowers look just like goldfish without fins. This is a classic plant for a hanging basket. It grows best indoors in bright filtered light, or outside in a warm sheltered position, but it is frost tender. Water your goldfish plant well in the growing season, but keep it fairly dry during the winter months. Tip prune after flowering to maintain size and shape.

86% (9)

The baby Oriole, and a really cool lady

The baby Oriole, and a really cool lady

A few weeks ago I noticed a beautiful Baltimore Oriole flying around my backyard. I began seeing him every day and noticed that he was constantly flying to a huge Poplar tree that is right behind my house. This tree is HUGE, so I got out my binoculars and discovered that he actually had a nest hanging from a tiny branch wayyy up in the tree (at least 80 feet up).

June1st was my birthday, so I stayed home from work. I got took my morning cup of coffee and went to sit on our back deck to watch the birds, when I heard a lot of frantic peeping coming from below the Poplar tree. Then I noticed Papa bird down near the ground. I walked over and found naughty Jinxie with a baby bird in his mouth! It was so tiny, but already had bright orange feathers on its chest – so I knew it was a baby Oriole. There was no way that Jinx had taken it from the nest – it was much too high for him to climb, so the baby must have fallen from way up there and then he grabbed it. I managed to get the baby away from Jinx… it was injured, with a bloody spot on its body, but it seemed very much alive since it was screaming and carrying on. I didn’t know what to do. It was impossible to get it back to the nest. I called around and finally got the phone number for a woman that rescues songbirds, so I called her. The problem was that this woman lives 45 minutes away. What the heck – I had to try, so I drove the baby bird to her home. I swear to God, just as pulled into her driveway, the baby stopped breathing! I was so disappointed, and so was the woman… she put him in a little box and told me that she would bury him later. She made me feel a bit better by saying that she didn’t think Jinx had caused the baby to die… it was that long fall from the nest that likely killed him.

This was a sucky way to start my birthday, but I ended up having a great time at her house. She took me in and showed me all of her birds. She used to work with the birds at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky. When she retired, the zoo happened to be getting rid of most of their parrots, so she took them home with her… she has more than 30 various kinds of parrots and cockatoos in her house! In a backroom she keeps wild baby birds that she is treating. I even got to feed some baby robins! Outside she has many cages filled with all sorts of wild birds… a pair of Canada geese that had been hit by a car, a blind duck, several Black Crowned Night Herons, a Pileated Woodpecker and many more. Most of the birds she will eventually release back into the wild, but she has several that can never be set free due to broken wings, etc. She was a great lady, and I was so glad to have met her!

Day Thirty Two

Day Thirty Two

Well it was raiding night so it's late and I'm going to be succinct.

Brandi took the day off today as she knew my grandmother was down so she tried to stall the baby from waking up this morning so I could try and sleep in. The baby cried at 5 and I woke up until just after 6, managed to stay asleep for about a half hour before Isobel decided it was time for everyone to get up.

Today was really strange. We all were really tired but either couldn't or didn't want to really sleep. Especially baby. She was up and baby on the go while constantly rubbing her face, yawning and screaming her face off when we would put her in her crib. She got a tiny nap in this morning before we headed out to pick up Gran and take her to her CT scan. It didn't take that long before we were heading back to the hotel to drop them off. From there we went out grocery shopping and headed home.

There was another nap attempt that failed before dinner followed by family bath time. Isobel tried to drink the body lotion while I showered and Brandi massaged her. We played a bunch of WOW (Brandi left early), both of us got nothing. The baby just woke up for her first feeding of the night and I'm just about to hit the hay.

I was going to post a different picture as my Day Thirty Two but there was a substantial amount of baby butt in it and I'd prefer my recorded time off would be public so perhaps I'll post it as F&F.

baby feeds constantly

baby feeds constantly

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl - Medium (Color May Vary)

The Medium SkidStop Slow Feed Bowl is a heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating, promote regular digestion, and prevent bloating and discomfort for medium sized pets. The Skid Stop bowls were designed with a rubbery base to prevent the bowl from sliding or moving around on the floor while the pet is eating. The rubber bottom creates a firm grip on slippery surfaces to prevent the bowl from moving or tipping, this also helps to prevents spills. Skid Stop bowls are dishwasher safe and are rust and bacteria resistant.

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