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Baby Swings For Cheap

baby swings for cheap

The Hair Cut

The Hair Cut

Poor Mr. Teen. He's got a ridiculously cheap mum when it comes to haircuts. I used to cut his hair until about 4 months ago, when I suddenly lost my magic grip and failed. A Dark and Gloomy Mr. Teen came home from school: "YOU said this looked great! Nobody else thinks so!! YOU are SO NOT cutting my hair ANYMORE".. and the rest of that afternoon was spent at the mall, waiting for an emergency appointment for Mr. Teen. At least it was fixable. "You're so out of touch, mum" Mr. Teen said, happy, tipping his new stylist.

Back in Norway, his hair grew FAST. And now he needed a new cut. He's starting at a new school tomorrow, after some careful consideration from both his and my side. You've got to be good looking when there are new ladies to impress. Mr. Teen realized this, but the official reasoning was that "grandma thinks my hair is too long". So off we went, last minute, of course, to the barber.

Mr. Teen swings into the chair. "I only take cash" says the barber. "Oh!" I look around. No card terminal..? It's certainly a bit simple, almost shabby in here... and no sink? Is he not going to wash Mr. Teen's hair? I suddenly feel pity for the barber. Mr. Teen's hair is quite a la cement these days- I wouldn't touch it myself. "I'll go to the ATM" I tell Mr. Teen. "We'll cut it not too short, and if it's too long when we're back, we'll cut it shorter!" shouts the barber after me.

When I come back, Mr. Teen's head is BARE. There's like no hair left, except a massive lump over his forehead. The barber is carefully chopping away, the lump of hair shrinks to way above Mr. Teen's eyebrows.

Via the mirror, I stare at Mr. Teen in disbelief before I fall into the waiting chair. He appears unaffected. "Jesus!" I scream inside - "His new classmates are going to tease him! He's going to be the chopped up kid! They're going to have him for lunch on his FIRST day!!!!" I can hardly poor baby! I swear I'll never ever EVER be cheap with his hair cut EVER again. Vidal Sasson, meet mr. Teen.

"A little bit of this" asks the barber, pointing to the jar of gel. Mr. Teen shrinks in the seat. "Yes, a little bit, please" I yelp, hoping it might help masquerade the short short short cut. "MUM!" sighs Mr. Teen., "SPEAK NORWEGIAN!!!"

I didn't even realize I had responded in English. The barber laughs and smoothes Mr. Teens left over hair tightly over his forehead.
I leap out of my chair, grab his hair with both my hands and mess it up as best I can. "There!" I say quickly. "It's kind of cool with that tousled look!"

Mr. Teen gets it. He shakes his head and lifts his eyebrows. They've got plenty of room to tumble now.
We pay the barber and leave.

Outside, I ask Mr. Teen carefully if his hair is to short. "It's cool" he smiles. "Don't worry!" I'm not sure what to say. His hair is SHORT.

"By the way," he says, pointing at me,"I've noticed that when you're scared senseless, you start speaking English."

Fairytale of New York

Fairytale of New York

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the drunk tank
An old man said to me, won't see another one
And then he sang a song
The Rare Old Mountain Dew
I turned my face away
And dreamed about you

Got on a lucky one
Came in eighteen to one
I've got a feeling
This year's for me and you
So happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

They've got cars big as bars
They've got rivers of gold
But the wind goes right through you
It's no place for the old
When you first took my hand
On a cold Christmas Eve
You promised me
Broadway was waiting for me

You were handsome
You were pretty
Queen of New York City
When the band finished playing
They howled out for more
Sinatra was swinging,
All the drunks they were singing
We kissed on a corner
Then danced through the night

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing "Galway Bay"
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

You're a bum
You're a punk
You're an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God it's our last

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
I've built my dreams around you

- - - Fairytale of New York
- - - The Pogues

Note: If I can find a kareoke bar that has this song on the playlist, I'll be a happy woman!


baby swings for cheap

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Baby Walker Push Toy - Pink Baby Phat Coat - Baby Alive Better Now

Baby Walker Push Toy

baby walker push toy

baby walker push toy - Push [Blu-ray]

Push [Blu-ray]

Push [Blu-ray]

No description available for this title.
Item Type: BLU-RAY DVD Movie
Item Rating: PG13
Street Date: 07/07/09
Wide Screen: yes
Director Cut: no
Special Edition: no
Language: ENGLISH
Foreign Film: noSubtitles: no
Dubbed: no
Full Frame: no
Re-Release: no
Packaging: Sleeve

Complicated to the point of viewer exhaustion, Push is a hard-to-follow and often silly work of science fiction about refugees from a secret U.S. government program simply referred to as "the Division." Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans play the children of psychically gifted parents victimized by the Division. (She's a seer, he's got mild telekinetic abilities.) Neither wants to end up forced to cooperate with Djimon Hounsou's determined operator trying to create the ultra-"pusher," i.e., a subject so gifted they can work major miracles with their mind. The odd thing is that the story is set in China, where gang action and general exotica have a way of obscuring the story proper. Things get a little more interesting when the odd pairing of Fanning and Evans is joined by a few other interesting actors (Ming Na, Cliff Curtis, Camille Belle) playing ex-Division types with psychic abilities. For a while, an "X-Men"-like vibe starts to build, but then quickly dissipates in a script practically drunk on upending audience expectations every few minutes. Nearly two hours long, Push wears down one's tolerance pretty quickly, yet manages to leave one feeling as if the story is unfinished by end credits. --Tom Keogh

89% (16)

fisher price walker £5.00

fisher price walker £5.00

original price of it was ?30.00 then but it lost its "telephone" hence the price.its very useful for babies who still learn to walk and as well as for toddlers because toddlers love pushing things.i dont know why inspite of the new batteries,they dont play the music anymore but aside from that it's still in good condition.

Push Trey

Push Trey

Boo decided to give Trey a ride in the new truck. He's gotten very good at "driving" this thing all over.

baby walker push toy

baby walker push toy

PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin' Body, and the Life You Deserve!

Fitness superstar Chalene Johnson creates a revolutionary 30-day system that will allow readers to transform their bodies, their diets, and their lives!

Chalene Johnson built a fitness empire from the ground up, selling over 6 million DVDs and helping
legions of loyal fans shed pounds and transform their lives with her trademark enthusiasm and energy.

PUSH, Chalene’s first book ever, distills the wisdom that has made her a fitness queen into a totally
unique 30-day system that will help readers reset their priorities, get their lives together, and lose weight for good.

Chalene gives readers the life-changing tools they need to change their habits with 30 days of practical
steps that include pinpointing goals, reverse engineering a course of action to achieve them, and
kicking the clutter—whether that means junk food, draining exercise regimens, or toxic relationships. In one month, readers will learn how to create layers of accountability and support so that success is their only option.

Additionally, Chalene shares 30 ridiculously easy and delicious Throw-and-Go recipes that she (a self confessed mess in the kitchen) created herself. And, of course, no book from Chalene would be complete without a workout! Chalene guides readers to find their soul mate workouts—the exercises they’ll love for life and that will never feel like work. Finally, she gives readers the Bangin’ Body Workout: the 30 moves they need for total body fitness—for life!

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Bamboo Baby Towel

bamboo baby towel

bamboo baby towel - The Bahama

The Bahama Towel Company 700-Gram Bahama Baby Spa Towel, Cocoa

The Bahama Towel Company 700-Gram Bahama Baby Spa Towel, Cocoa

Don’t forget about the most important people in your life. Now you can wrap your baby in the same soft and silky luxury with our Bahama Baby Spa Towel. Our 700gram Bahama Baby Spa Towel features two “wings” that wrap your baby in cozy comfort, two leg pockets with sewn-in feet to keep their legs and feet warm, and a small hood to cover the top of baby’s head. The separated legs also allow you to put your baby safely in a car seat without unwrapping. Our bamboo-derived rayon/cotton waffle Bahama Spa Towels are made of two layers of soft and absorbent fabric--one side is bamboo-derived rayon and the other is cotton waffle.

82% (16)

Towel Day 2009 : various probabilities

Towel Day 2009 : various probabilities

Happy Towel Day 2009 to all fans of Douglas !

Here's my contribution to the celebration : several of my probabilities brought together, probably each from a different parallel universe. :)

All these books are the French editions of Douglas' novels. However, I've recently ordered the trilogy in English (in the "Picador Boxset"), and I'm waiting for receiving it !

So long !

towel lineup

towel lineup

Every morning, we head to a little tap just under this clotheline to do our morning-freshening-ups. I find brushing my teeth to such a view severely peaceful.

p/s: My towel is small and nondescript. I should get a new one.

Overlooking the Fishtail Mountain, Armala, Nepal

bamboo baby towel

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Best Baby Sleep Books

best baby sleep books

best baby sleep books - Dragon's Alphabet

Dragon's Alphabet Soup: Learn ABCs with Eric the Dragon (A Children's Picture Book)

Dragon's Alphabet Soup: Learn ABCs with Eric the Dragon (A Children's Picture Book)


Your children will fall in love with Eric the Dragon as he goes on his fun journey to gather all the ingredients for his yummy alphabet soup. The beautiful and adorable illustrations will charm your little ones into visiting this ABC book over and over again. This is a definite must have book for your favorite preschooler to 1st grader.

Includes short storyline with Eric the Dragon and read-along ABC pages.


Your children will fall in love with Eric the Dragon as he goes on his fun journey to gather all the ingredients for his yummy alphabet soup. The beautiful and adorable illustrations will charm your little ones into visiting this ABC book over and over again. This is a definite must have book for your favorite preschooler to 1st grader.

Includes short storyline with Eric the Dragon and read-along ABC pages.

88% (12)

128/365 Sometimes, the best part of the day...

128/365 Sometimes, the best part of the day...


" relaxing, knowing all went well, that tomorrow is another chance to smile and for now nothing is required of you."

(taken on and for 5-4-09)

I saw a cute baby yesterday that I declare is my niece. The daughter of what was my best friend in high school and a great friend now. We had an awesome, relaxed day and my heart melted as I watched my husband playing with little (and then holding a sleeping) Kat more than it ever had with any baby ever. Even his own kids.


Then we watched Dexter, played ping pong, then went to my parents house to play Apples to Apples and Scatagories, where I got chastised continuously by an 11 year old brother who used to think I walked on water and could do no wrong. Then we got home to watch the last episode of season one of Dexter.

My hubby and I also had some very good conversations.

morning view

morning view

96/365: 1/31 Summer Pictures: Your view from a summer getaway spot.

As soon as the baby takes his morning nap, I run out to the back porch and whip out the book and the coffee. That's MY summer getaway! (Now if he would just learn to sleep longer than a half hour!)

PS: I'm reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane right now. It's about the Salem witch trials... I'd say it's fair, so far. You can see from my picture that I'm at the "good part," so it's getting harder to put down. I think people who love historical fiction would really like it. I have to rush through this so I can read my Lost Hero Rick Riordian book from the library. I still love kidlit the best!

best baby sleep books

best baby sleep books

Baby Songs [VHS]

This is the near-legendary video that started the trend of songs for kids on video in 1986. The footage of kids playing in houses and backyards has a delightful homemade quality and is anchored by the songs of Hap Palmer, once dubbed the "Bob Dylan of the diaper set." His songs do have a nice folksiness that is just right. From the very first song, "Piggy Toes," you can see where the video is aimed: the Sesame Street group of infants to 6-year-olds. Palmer has a gift for writing bouncy numbers that go beyond the normal subject matter. "My Mommy Comes Back" speaks to kids who are left at Grandma's or a day care center ("my mommy comes back, she always comes back..."). Other songs on the 30-minute tape include "Shout & Whisper," "Rolling," and the self-explanatory "Today I Took My Diapers Off." --Doug Thomas

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Cute baby girl pics. Baby names and its meaning. 3 1 baby cribs.

Cute Baby Girl Pics

cute baby girl pics

bubbling baby girl

bubbling baby girl

I love looking at my cute baby pics. It's nice to have a great assortment of them to remind me that once I was pure and full of love and trust. And I love the pudginess more than is healthy I'm certain.

10-10-07 1514.jpg

10-10-07 1514.jpg

My little girl at 3 and a half weeks

cute baby girl pics

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