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Baby Cries In His Sleep

baby cries in his sleep

The last baby

The last baby

it was monday 7th of sept..i kiss comel and i flattery her baby..i pray in my very deep hearth so he can hold on this week..only this week so he can keep alive and grow up like his brother and sisters...
i whisper slowly and say that he was my last baby..oooo...i'm cried while i'm write this..i so sad...

this tuesday 8th/ mum wake me early morning..she call me from home in hurried..she told me the last baby was died this morning...i can't say anything..and i start to mum tried to calm me..she said that was fate..its not our substances to get the baby..but i couldn't take the fact that the baby was gone..because i just saw him yesterday..he so active and tried to eat anything..i ask my mum if comel bite him or mum said there was no sign that the baby hurt or something like that..

i really anger to ur seen at her picture, she was so active girl and she don't know how to take care of her child properly..she just worried about having fun and playing..all the time, i seem the babies mummy..i didn't sleep at night just to make sure that comel feed them..i felt so awful..sad and angry..but i know that was not her fault..i know comel also tired and tried her best..i will make sure comel get rest for along time before she get pregnant again..

sorry my friend..i promise to give u 6 of comel babies..but it end with nothing..i really sorry..the was nothing i can do about it..i'm very sad, although i just spend 2 week with that babies but, i have a big hope that they were alive..
until i dare to smuggle them to my hostel for a week..just to make sure comel take care of the babies..ooohh comel..i'm sad..;'(

Neurosis - & new purchases !(TSotD40)

Neurosis - & new purchases !(TSotD40)

Cry Baby is probably Johnny Depps best film & the soundtrack is quality.

Cry-Baby: That's right, Allison. My father was the "Alphabet Bomber." He may have been crazy be he was my pop. Only one I ever had.
Allison: God... I heard about the Alphabet Bomber. Bombs exploding in the... in the airport... and barber shop...
Cry-Baby: That's right. All in alphabetical order. Car wash... drug store... I used to lay in my crib and hear him scream in his sleep...”A,B,C,D,E,F,G... BOOM! BOOM!"
Allison: But your mom...
Cry-Baby: My mother tried to stop him. She couldn't even spell, for Christ's sake but they fried her too.

Jesu are a current fav. T-shirt bought at the Neurosis gig, Glasgow Cathouse, 1999.

baby cries in his sleep

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